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In 2007 several South Florida-based Jet-skiers met through the popular Greenhulk.net enthusiasts website, After a few rides the founder Juan Mallen with the help of Tom Gregory set up a ride in Islamorada on the sandbar offshore from Holiday Isle, That date the Club was formed, a logo was designed and the first rides were quickly organized and well attended.

The South Florida Riders have ridden all over the state of Florida and participated in national events like Mudbug in Louisiana, Aqua Races, Hydrodrag racers and many more…
The Florida Keys and the entire state of Florida are super popular for club rides. Some of the best rides have taken place on the beautiful and natural rivers of central Florida like the Kissimmee, St John’s, Silver Springs, and many more. Also we have ride in Georgia, Canada, Arizona, Las Vegas, Bimini and there are many more on the works.

The Club Rides and Party activities are legendary, we rendezvous at many different locations with BBQ cookouts, Restaurants by the Water, Cruisers to the Bahamas, Orlando Parks trips and even Music concerts.

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We also ride ATV’S too!!!…We ride all year around so there is never a down times for us. With over 355 members there is always a ride going on and that is one the best part of it because if you miss one there is another coming up very soon!!

Lifelong memories and friends have been made through the club. Many members are very knowledgeable of how the club works and they will help you from day one!! So if you’re up for some great times in the outdoors with like-minded people from all walks of life go to our membership page and sign up! As Juan Mallen, the club’s Commodore, says “Let’s Ride”

South Florida riders club is the best I know always is a pleasure ride with Juan and the group.

Alex Reyes

Awesome group of people,Lots of fun made me feel welcome the first day. No one left behind.

Mary-Noel DeBrito

This is not just a club. We are a family. Come join the family and have a good time.

Adam Barbanell

What wonderful people!! Everyone is nice an so helpful. They take great care of everyone.

Erin K. Marshall

Just signed up. Haven’t gone on ride yet. Can’t wait!

Christopher Martin

# 1 jetski club

JR Capote

Great group of people always fun to ride with.....

Kevin Smith

My wife and I love this club. So many great memories!!!!!

Jesse Hernandez

We are a family of friends ..# Ride To Survive !!!

Max Montalvo

We have a great time everytime, we love it. The rides are very organized.

Anais Paredes

Great group of people, always a pleasure to ride together with them

Jose Azuaje