Q. How Many Rides do you do?
A. On average we do one official ride per month year round, is always summer in Florida.

Q. Are the official rides the only ones?
A. No, Members will send an invite via our club email list to participate in weekly rides.

Q. What happens after I pay?
A. After the membership payment is received, we will mail an introduction package with the member only decals, discount codes for our sponsors.

Q. What is the money use for?
A. All club funds are used to maintain our website, Cookouts Events, and Prizes for Raffles.

Q. How long are the rides?
A. Usually all day.

Q. Are there any multi-day rides?
A. Yes

Q. Do you go out of state?
A. We are planning on doing this in the future.

Q. I want to go to Bimini?
A. Great, this is a trip that you cannot miss, however, this is a trip for the experienced rider it will cost about $500 per day and is not planned, is from one day to another.

Our goal is to make have fun doing what we enjoy: “Riding Jet skis” We welcome your questions and concerns. Please email us if you have additional suggestions

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