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Around mid-year of 2006, a small group of friends from the Southeast Regional Forum in GreenHulk “Jetski Forum” did a few rides together and had a great time.
Juan Mallen always had the idea of forming a family, fun oriented Jetski Club and got together with Tom Gregory (First Commodore) and set up a day to officially form the club, On January 29, 2007, at MM79 in Islamorada Florida Keys, 55 Jetskis and over 65 people show up for our first club ride and the rest is history!!
For the last ten years, many of the old and new members have help to keep the club together with the (only idea) of having (fun)!!

The South Florida Riders have ridden all over the state of Florida and Bimini. The entire Florida Keys, Naples, Tampa, Daytona, St Lucie, Miami and also participated in many national events like Mudbug in Louisiana; The hydro drags in Polk City, The Aqua races in Ft Lauderdale, Daytona Beach and also Poker runs in Tampa and Naples.

Some of the best rides have taken place on the beautiful and natural rivers of central Florida like the Kissimmee River, St John River, Silver Glenn Springs and Silver Springs and much more!!

The Club Rides are legendary; we rendezvous at many different locations. Big BBQ cookouts, House Pool party’s, raffles, dine at many waterfront restaurants and enjoy the commodity with all the members.

Some of our members are mechanicals experts and is common for club members to help each other fix regular jetski repairs. Also if you need professional help our sponsors, Jetski of Miami or Riva motorsport are ready to assist you at a discount price for been a member.

We ride all year round!! Sunny, Cloudy, Hot, Cold, Raining, Windy, you name it. Currently, we have Over Three Hundred Active members there is always somebody that wants to ride!!  Also, we ride ATV’S too!!

Many Lifelong memories and friends have been made through the club. So if you’re up for some great times in the outdoors with like-minded people from all walks of life go to our membership page and sign up!  As Juan Mallen, the club’s Commodore, says “Let’s Ride”!

Always Searching For The Next Ride

We have a great time every time, we love it.
The rides are very organized.
Anais Paredes
My wife and I love this club. So many great memories!
Jesse Hernandez
Great group of people, always a pleasure to ride together with them
Jose Azuaje